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About Us

Northern Inuit Dog

Who We Are...

The Northern Inuits International Unleashed (or NIIU - as we are affectionately being called by our community) is one of the few independent breeding clubs that are involved in breeding the Northern Inuit Dog. This very special breed is not recognised by any Kennel Club as yet but we are planning to change this at some point in the future and when we are ready. We bring together Northern Inuit Dog breeders from all over the world. The NIIU has been established by people who are passionate about the breed and who want to spread their enthusiasm to as many people in the world as possible.

We strongly stand behind our Constitution and Code of Ethics.

On this website you can read more about our Committee and Trustees who are volunteers and devote their time to making sure that our organisation runs smoothly. On this website you can also find our privacy policy, in case you were wondering how would we potentially manage your personal data.

Who we are

What we believe in and what our aims are...

We are here to promote, advise on, protect and improve the understanding of the Northern Inuit breed worldwide. Our aims are to provide a community for the Northern Inuit puppy and dogs’ owners and increase awareness of these wonderful, quirky characters.

We provide a registration facility for our puppies and hold a central database of all our registered Northern Inuits. This means that we can track the health of our lines and are able to support our puppies and their owners throughout their lives. We promote positive reinforcement training methods when raising our Northern Inuit puppies, eg. Puppy culture.

We believe in healthy, ethical and sustainable breeding of the Northern Inuit Dog so that people will be able to enjoy Northern Inuits for many years to come. Our aims include bringing together breeders who believe in raising Northern Inuit puppies according to the breed standard and paying particular attention to the temperament, but never at the expense of health, of the puppies. Due to the breed having a relatively small gene pool at the moment, we are able to advise our breeders on carefully chosen lines which are available to be bred from, and we closely monitor the levels of inbreeding to ensure that the aims of the organisation are met. We follow very carefully planned, approved and transparent breeding strategy which sets a framework to which all of our breeders are working to.

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Our aims
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Our Members and our Breeders...

The Northern Inuits International Unleashed is here to work for all our current and future members and breeders to ensure they are adequately supported throughout their puppies’ lives, to provide a community and forums involved in the development of the breed. To provide support and enhance the ownership of this breed by organising shows, events, meet ups and discussion groups. Please see our contact us page for more details on how to become a member and support our not for profit organisation. We always joke that once you become a member you gain an amazing extended family who are here for you.

Currently there is a total of more than 65 years of breeding experience between all our registered breeders, and many more as owners of our beloved Northern Inuit dogs. This experience and knowledge is available to all of our members. Our breeders maintain the highest quality of breeding practices including total transparency with our members. All of our breeders’ puppies are raised at home with all the socialisation required to be happy and well balanced members of our canine and human society. Please see our breeders section for more details.

If you see us at shows across the world please pop in and say hello! 🙂

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