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Northern Inuit Dog and cats

There are a lot of questions asked about how Northern Inuit Dogs get along with cats. Whilst Northern Inuits can have quite a strong prey drive, they can be socialised with cats to treat them as members of the family and the pack. It is easier when they are puppies because, with right guidance and training, they are learning so much quicker, they haven’t developed those “bad habits” yet and the world is a blank canvas for them. However the training to live happily with cats can also be achieved when they are adults but it takes persistence, patience and the right type of guidance from their human families.

Maverick, who you can see in the picture attached, was not used to cats at all before he came to live in his forever home, but with amazing training, support, patience and guidance from his Hoomans he has now accepted and is happy with his new cat friends. Thank you to his family for giving him so much love, support and new experiences.

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