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Finding my Northern Inuit

My way of finding a Northern Inuit may not be the most conventional way. In 2015 I was concerned that when Scoobie went over Rainbow Bridge, Zeusy would be left alone. That’s when I saw Mischa advertised at SSPCA (Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in Aberdeen.

She started her life as a cruelty case, spent most of her 1st year in SSPCA. Mischa was then rehomed with a Malamute, kept outside and unfortunately escaped. She rounded up cattle and was sent back to the society. After that, Mischa was rehomed with a woman, who left her alone pretty much straight away. As a result, she howled, was complained about and again sent back to SSPCA at only 2 years old.

Misch Misch joined us on 1st of April 2015. Zeusy loved her to bits on sight and within the 1st day they were cuddling together. Unfortunately, she was in and out of the vet on numerous occasions with infections, but the vet never worked out what was wrong with her. In October 2015, 6 months after she joined our family, I had to rush her to the vets. But, this time she never came home. Misch Misch had a small puncture at the base of her stomach, the top of her bowel which poisoned her.

I was heartbroken to lose her with my only solace being that we experienced everything we could together. We did swimming, flyball, fundraising for SSPCA, camping on our tour of Scotland. Mischa was the most loving affectionate girl.

Consequently, I decided that I would buy a Northern Inuit from NIIU. So, I could guarantee nothing would happen to the pup and give it the best life I could. I initially wanted a girl, but only boys were available at the time. To sum up, that’s how Koby came home January 2016 and you can follow our adventures on our Facebook.

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