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Northern Inuit and American Akita

These are Jax at 8 weeks and 5 months old – Northern Inuit and Whitewreath Inferno pet name Mouse – American Akita Inu at the same ages. The main difference between Northern Inuit and American Akita is the tail. Akita holds it high and carried over back. NI’s tail is moderately low and straight, only lifts when the dog is excited.

Akita ears are strongly erect and small in relation to the rest of the head. NI ears are also slightly rounded at the tips, but of medium size and in proportion to the head. Akita neck is thick and muscular, comparatively short, widening gradually toward shoulders. Northern Inuit neck is strong, long, graceful and well-muscled.

Akitas are alert and responsive, dignified and courageous, but that may be intolerant of other dogs, particularly of the same sex. NI’s on the other hand, can be aloof and reserved with strangers, but generally friendly and outgoing, with no aggressive tendencies. They are highly pack oriented and when socialised appropriately, get along well with other dogs and animals.

Read more about the NI breed standard here and American Akita here.

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