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Northern Inuit Freki

We warmly welcome a beautiful Northern Inuit girl named Freki and her lovely owner, member and new breeder – Daniel Morgan. “I consider it my duty and privilege to contribute to Northern Inuit International Unleashed improvement and success as a member of this responsible institution.” says Daniel.

My name is Daniel and we are based in Shropshire under the name Isangrim Inuits. As a teenager I was obsessed with huskies, I happened across the Northern Inuit breed by chance and instantly fell in love. Their gentle nature, companionship and free spiritedness make them a wonderful, although sometimes challenging pets. I am a Game of Thrones enthusiast and was overjoyed to discover the show’s Dire wolves were portrayed by Northern Inuits. This piece of trivia was the icing on the cake as they say.

Freki has been a fantastic girl since the day I brought her home. She is very calm by nature and provided you have a pocket full of treats, very obedient. The idea of becoming a breeder quickly took root as I would love to provide the world with more Frekis for others to enjoy and to carry on the bloodline.

As per the NIIU guidelines Freki has been fully health tested, she is clear of OSD3 and DM, her eyes are also clear, her hip (excellent) and elbow (normal) scores. For Freki and myself this is just the beginning of a lifelong adventure. We hope summer 2021 will be graced with her first litter of beautiful puppies and I look forward to many more generations.

You can follow Freki and her owners on their Facebook Page.

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