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Northern Inuits International Unleashed Renewed

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Dear Northern Inuit Lovers, we are pleased to announce that we are rebranding. This major step that we had to take will strengthen our growth and commitments to our members, breeders and our beloved Northern Inuit breed. We believe that our new name Northern Inuits International Unleashed better describes our aims and what we are trying to achieve.

We would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support that you have shown us so far and hope to see you in the near future. Exciting times ahead!

The changes will be effective from 14th July 2021 on every platform. Our new website is now live. In case you haven't met our team, you can find us here.

We would like to take some time and thank you for your time with us. If you have any questions, please contact us on

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